Vimala World Trading Limited is a business entity managed by business management professionals and culinary experts. The company possesses expertise in providing franchise opportunities for pure vegetarian Udipis restaurant chain and trading services related to the products of authentic Indian spices. “

Our Leaders

Mr. Chetan Anand

Mr. Chetan Anand is a food connoisseur and a South Indian culinary expert, who grew up soaking in the delectable aromas and flavours of his ancestral kitchen. Born in Mangalore, Karnataka, Chetan always knew he had a fruitful career awaiting in the food industry. He kickstarted his entrepreneurial journey in 2008, after launching is first flagship restaurant, Udupi’s Upahar in Gachibowli. His passion and commitment to serve authentic South Indian vegetarian cuisine gained overwhelming customer response and the restaurant became an Instant success.

In the last 15 years, Chetan led Udipi’s Upahar from a stand-alone food joint into a massively popular South Indian food chain with 7 Company-owned outlets and 18+ franchise outlets in Andhra and Telangana. He takes great pride in making Udipi’s Upahar as a brand synonymous with excellence by ensuring consistency of taste, quality and service in all the outlets.

Mr. Prakash Hedge

Mr. Prakash Hedge is a visionary entrepreneur who strongly believes in thinking big and thinking far ahead of his time. After pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and gaining a few years of work experience, Prakash knew it was time for him to embark on his entrepreneurial journey. In 1988, the 27 year old Prakash set up a trading firm and led his business to success. Over the years, he acclaimed strong business acumen skills and created many successful business verticals and companies.

In 2018, he launched his dream project, Vimala World Trading Ltd. which offers restaurant franchise and food trading services. The popular South Indian food chain, Udipi’s Upahar is a part of Vimala World Trading Ltd. which continues to expand its repertoire with a pan-Indian presence.

Through the FOCO model franchising, Mr. Chetan and Mr. Prakash has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs successfully launch their food businesses which in turn created employment opportunities for different sections of society.

Our Vision

To build a trusted global business opportunity provider. We believe pioneers and innovators are among us and empower them to achieve more and live better lives.

Our Values

We aim for our businesses to be ethical and respectful to all. We align our goals with core values with care and empathy.

Our Mission

Committed to transforming the vision to reality.

Our Goal

Solve operations challenges, simplify workflow, provide customers more products and services and to become the most trusted global entity.